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Wednesday Sep 24th, 2014

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Robert TilfordBy Robert Tilford on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 9:47AM UTC
Putin meets with members of the Security Council at the Kremlin. On September 22, 2014 President  Vladimir Putin held a top secret briefing session with permanent members of the Security Council, including the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency – SVR- (Sluzhba vneshney razvedki) Mikhail Fradkov. Note: The SVR is Russia‘s primary external intelligence agency . The SVR is specif... Full Story

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The David Thorne Case To Be Featured On New A&E Series

The David Thorne case will be featured on a new A&E series “Dead Again” from executive producer Dick Wolf. “Dead Again” premieres Thursday, October 2 at 10:00 PM ... Full Story

The right to a fair trial and the right to a defence

Would you go into a boxing ring against a tough opponent with both hands tied behind your back?  The question is so ridiculous that it hardly needs an answer.  Yet apparently tha... Full Story

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Pick One and Only One: Talent or Chemistry

OJ Simpson had his Dream Team of attorneys, researchers, and experts. This Dream Team got him off of a crime he all but committed on national TV. Wouldn’t we all like to have our... Full Story

New Cars, just add water

Today, a car is being prepped to go on a groundbreaking first testdrive. In Chicago, Local Motors has taken the helm to achieve the previously considered impossible. How long do yo... Full Story

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Saipem Taqa Al-Rushaid Fabricators Co. Ltd. (STAR TAQA) poses after their first win against Zamil Tikaz, 90-84, in FAEC Cup.

Supan sizzles as Star Taqa Trips Zamil Tikaz in FAEC Cup

DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA – John Supan exploded for a season-high 31 points as Saipem Taqa Al-Rushaid Fabricators Co. Ltd. (Star Taqa) slipped past Zamil Tikaz, 90-84 in Intercompany ... Full Story

Reputed hockey tourney posponed for bizarre reason

The plunging civic services of Bhopal touched a new low when the famed decades old All India Obaidullah Gold Cup Hockey Tournament had to be postponed for a reason that was as biza... Full Story

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SmartWatches Are So Yesterday… Introducing The SmartRing!

  As Samsung, Apple and Co. are all launching their own takes on the SmartWatches, MOTA, a US company based in the Silicon Valley with its award-winning design team, has desig... Full Story

Johanna Coelho Always Get’s the Shot

When a great film wraps us up in its story it is easy to forget all the elements that have gone into what’s unfolding before our eyes, after all the point of film is to transport... Full Story