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Thursday Jul 10th, 2014

Last Updated:6:35 pm

By Ted Thomson on Thursday, July 10th, 2014 at 1:29PM UTC
  Amanda Knox, the 27 year old woman who was re-convicted last January of the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy, is planning to accuse her ex-boyfriend of murder very soon, according to reliable sources close to the Knox family, the PR firm Gogerty-Marriott and close to the Amanda Knox lawyers. Since Raffaele Sollecito changed ... Full Story

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Protesters gather outside BP Carson Refinery Plant in Los Angeles. A terrorist attack here resulting in an explosion could expose hundreds of thousands of people to deadly toxic chemicals fumes.

Legislation “requires” a vulnerability assessment plan to help protect chemical facilities from a wide range of terrorist attacks

On June 8, 2014 Rep. Meehan asked for time to address the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Program Authorization and Accountability Act 2014. The legislation if passed wi... Full Story

Zambian human equality rights further behind than you could imagine

The Zambian authorities arrested two young men a second time for allegedly practicing homosexuality and will appear in court in the Zambian town of Kapiri Mposhi for a remand heari... Full Story

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The 100-year-old company, previously focused on agribusiness, expects to launch projects with potential sales of R$100m over the next four years.

The 100-year-old JB Duarte, has chosen a new path for its business. The company has decided to focus on the real-estate market in the countryside of São Paulo, and it expects to l... Full Story

Neocon 14 and its importance for Grand Rapids business

This June, as ever, the commercial design community met in Chicago for Neocon 2014, the largest conference and design exposition for commercial interiors in North America. I talked... Full Story

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How Johnny Football Used Social Media To Nail His Job . . . And You Can Too

Johnny Manziel, the 22nd pick in this year’s draft, went where no college player has gone before. Not in 78 years. The NFL draft started in 1936. Let’s do the Math. Well, math ... Full Story

Sri Lankan Cricketers Sealed Their First Test Series Win Against England

The Sri Lankan National Cricketers have made history today(24) by sealed their first ever Test Series Win recorded in England when they beat England by 100 runs during the last day... Full Story

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ANDROID L- The Big Change

At Google’s annual developers conference held in the last week of June, the tech giant disclosed the latest version of its Android operating system, which is supposedly referred ... Full Story

Can all parents raise their children as bilingual speakers?

“Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gisele Bündchen do it, so why can’t we do it too?” Some monolingual parents ask when they hear about the Hollywood stars, rich or celebs... Full Story