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Thursday Oct 30th, 2014

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Robert TilfordBy Robert Tilford on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 11:32PM UTC
Russian Marine on anti terrorism training exercise in 2014. Russian naval Infantry are some of the best in the world. Motto:Там, где мы, там — победа!
(There, Where We Are, There is Victory!). On October 29, 2014 President Vladimir Putin received Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble at his residence in Novo Ogaryovo. PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: Mr Noble, I am very pleased to welcome you to Moscow. Next to the UN, Interpol is the largest international organization, and our nation has been a member of this organizatio... Full Story

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Short memory of Prime Minister Orban

History teaches us to remember its lessons and draw relevant conclusions. Someone who doesn’t do it will be punished sooner or later. Unfortunately, this truth hasn’t been comp... Full Story

Colonial Mainstream-Media Exposed

By Venatrix Fulmen (*) – 15. Oct. 2014 That the so-called Federal Republic of Germany (in short the BRD-Trust under locally imposed international economic and foreign admiral... Full Story

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Email Integration Between and Outlook with Office 365 or Gmail

If you have and you are looking for an app to automatically sync emails from Outlook using Office 365 or Gmail, then Match My Email is the solution. Match My Email w... Full Story

Ex employees represent an ongoing security risk because they usually retain some degree of access to corporate information

A new report from business applications cloud-hosting vendor Intermedia, which contracted with Osterman Research to survey employees who recently left companies, were fired, laid o... Full Story

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Do You Know When to Follow and When to Lead? LeBron Now Knows

LeBron James took the court for the first time as an official CAVALIER in the team’s first pre-season game. The Q had waited four years to be relevant once again. When the announ... Full Story

Somom Football Tournament concludes

Sosoom Karim Abad football tournament concludes   By Gul Hammad Farooqi CHITRAL: Foot tournament in Sosoom (Karim Abad Valley) upper Chitral concluded. A total of 40 football ... Full Story

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Deep Down, We All Have Something of A Mark Zuckerberg in Us!

Mark Zuckerberg participated to a Q&A session with students at the Tsinghua University, in Beijing, last Wednesday. The Facebook emblematic boss spoke for 20 minutes in Mandari... Full Story

Are you paying for health or disease at the grocery store?

        According to the United States Census Bureau, supermarkets and grocery stores are a $466 billion industry. With nearly 65,000 stores nationwide, superma... Full Story