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Tuesday Sep 16th, 2014

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Robert TilfordBy Robert Tilford on Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 at 12:02AM UTC
Terrorist tunnel in Syria. Syrian Army units discovered a tunnel in the city of Adra unions Rural Damascus which ran the  length of 500 meters at  a depth of 11 meters. The tunnel were equipped with lighting and ventilation was used by terrorist gangs in their criminal operations against civilian, according to reports from SANA (Syrian News Agency). During the ... Full Story

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Over half a million liters of potable water, 1054 tonnes of cooked food & 310000 food packets dropped in flood affected areas

Srinagar, September 14, (Scoop News)_Over 1,84,000 persons have been rescued so far by the Armed Forces and NDRF from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir in the ongoing rescue and... Full Story

The Nepali origin Human Rights Activists have been Freed

After being detained by the Qatar government the two Nepal-origin British human rights activists, have been officials released yesterday. It has been confirmed by the British Emba... Full Story

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New Cars, just add water

Today, a car is being prepped to go on a groundbreaking first testdrive. In Chicago, Local Motors has taken the helm to achieve the previously considered impossible. How long do yo... Full Story

Can You Handle a Sales Superstar: 10 Qualities to Look for in a “Closer”

You may not be able to handle one. The sales superstar is not for everyone, not for every company, every owner or every support staff. You know the saying, “be careful of what yo... Full Story

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Saipem Taqa Al-Rushaid Fabricators Co. Ltd. (STAR TAQA) poses after their first win against Zamil Tikaz, 90-84, in FAEC Cup.

Supan sizzles as Star Taqa Trips Zamil Tikaz in FAEC Cup

DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA – John Supan exploded for a season-high 31 points as Saipem Taqa Al-Rushaid Fabricators Co. Ltd. (Star Taqa) slipped past Zamil Tikaz, 90-84 in Intercompany ... Full Story

Reputed hockey tourney posponed for bizarre reason

The plunging civic services of Bhopal touched a new low when the famed decades old All India Obaidullah Gold Cup Hockey Tournament had to be postponed for a reason that was as biza... Full Story

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House Cleaning: The Things We Constantly Forget To Clean

Even if you are a neat freak and you like to get things in your house in order, you might miss a spot now and then. Actually, there are places in our homes that we tend to forget t... Full Story

Barbara Kruger. An exhibition to question your mind.

  Between June and August, American conceptual artist Barbara Kruger was the very special guest of Modern Art Oxford, one of the UK’s leading venues for modern and contempor... Full Story