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Thursday Dec 25th, 2014

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By James Walker on Wednesday, December 24th, 2014 at 2:14PM UTC
Russia is always struggling to improve its positions in Europe, to expand its influence, to earn more money, to retain image of a respectable country and to ensure a safe habour for the richest Russians and their dubious wealth. However, European institutions began to take timid steps to limit Moscow’s efforts to corrupt European busine... Full Story

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Putin thanks Russian spies for their hard work combating international terrorism

On December 20, 2014 Vladimir Putin spoke at a gala evening dedicated to the Day of state security bodies. The President congratulated the employees and veterans of the Russian spe... Full Story

Ukrainian crisis and Russian policy

A year passed since the Maidan Square events in Kiev, provoked by Moscow’s henchman Yanukovych and his sponsors in the Kremlin. Those events were followed by a chain of drastic d... Full Story

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Russia and Turkey announce the implementation of stratgic joint projects in the energy sector worth billions of euros

Ahead of the state visit to the Republic of Turkey, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to Anadolu Agency. There he talked about High level Russian Turkish Cooperation in the area of ... Full Story

Morocco, the emergence of an African power

Morocco is on the path to become a key economic player of the African continent and beyond... Full Story

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Chief Secretary, Mohammad Iqbal Khandey gives away trophies, prizes

60th NS Games under 14 Boys-Girls in Badminton concludes

Jammu, November 25, (Scoop News)- 60th National School Badminton Games under 14 boys and girls, organized by the department of Youth Services and Sports under the aegis of School G... Full Story

Scotsman chased out of Greek football officialdom

Yet another setback for the state of European sports: after FIFA rejected repeated calls to make available the infamous Garcia report documenting the way Qatar won the bid to host ... Full Story

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New Year Health, Wellness & Self-Care Wares

With each New Year comes an abundance of health resolutions. However well intended, many people often fall short of meeting their wellness goals. This year, increase the odds of re... Full Story

Alaska, Nicola De Stefani’s New Frontier for Film

  Italian line producer Nicola (Nick) De Stefani believes Alaska is a diamond in the rough that offers the film and advertising industries an untapped venue for incredible fil... Full Story