10 ways to keep your brain sharp.

1. Play games.

Crossword,sudoku or Ninetendo has all the things that keep your brain awake.

Games that require logical thinking,vocabularly an d mathematics is good exercise for the brain.

2. Meditation.

Meditation is one of the singel best activity you can devote yourself to in order to keep the brain in sharp.

3. Eat right.

Fish,nuts and flax seed,rape- and olive oil.

All of these things in moderate doses has a positive effect on the brain.

4. Read something you don´t usually read.

Learn a new author or a new topic.

5. Switch of the TV.

Average man watching several hours a day on TV.

Watching TV makes you passive both in body and brain.

6. Train your body.

The brain works when you sweat and enjoy it.

Vary your exercise so you vary the challenges that the brain is exposed to.

7. Tell stories for each others.

To tell stories from your life or with the help from the imagination is something that your brain like.

8. Learn something new.

Ideally every day,but also when you are facing a new change.

9. Do small changes.

All human beings like routines and have the same interest throughout their lives.

To keep your brain in good sharp,make sure to change things every day.All small changes makes your brain alert.

10. Oxygen and water.

Make sure to drink enough,at least 1.500 millilitre water a day.

Less water in the body labeled directly on your performance.

The brain needs a lot of oxygen.Try to go out in the freash air for a while every day.