2.6 Tons of Hashish Caught in Nepal

 Kathmandu Nepal: Nepal police nabbed the biggest narcotic consignment of 2.6 tons /2,640 kg of crude hashish from Chalnakhel, Setidevi VDC, Makwanpur. The narcotic is worth Millions in the local market where its international value is more than one can expect.  Four people Hasta Bahadur Rumba , Tirtha Bahadur Rai , Bire Lama, Chandra Bahadur Gole  and Kumar Lama were arrested during the operation 

According to Nepal Police, “The above mentioned four are just weak links in the network channel who were responsible in collecting the raw materials from farmers in Makwanpur and deliver them to the refinery in Chalnakhel.  The narcotic was planned to be exported to the India and China through the network where Hasta Bahadur, Bire and Chandra Bahadur are names that have come upfront behind the operation.”

The drugs were hidden in 88 plastic bags, added  Nepal Police

Few months’ back a TV station had broadcasted a report on the illegal farming of hashish in Makwanpur. The report highlighted how a school was closed and the periphery was used for the processing of the Hashish.  Everything was happening under the negligence of authorities and local police personnel. From then the Nepal police has been actively monitoring the area.