2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony: “Hu” performance

There was an idea last year which for the Olympic Opening Ceremony:  At the exact time 8:08pm and eight sceonds past, 8th,August 2008. There are 2008 mahjong tables in the Bird Nest, with 8032 players shouting "Hu!" at the same time. That means they won the game by their own luck. In China, we call it "Tian Hu". What a Chinese typical Olympic Opening Ceremony?!

The prediction was literally accomplished. Zhang Yi Mou finally coming to fruition, he call it "blockletters". There are artists underneath movable boxes performed it and shown Chinese character "He".

As you know, there are many meanings and 3 pronunciations for the Chinese character "He". One of them, of course, means Peace, Harmonious. And as adjective, means polite, kind manners or friendly. In this condition, it was pronunced "He". But this character is also pronunced "Huo",  at this condition, it means stir, or mix up something together. The other pronunciation is "Hu", it means to win the mahjong.

So we could also call the movable boxes show "Hu" performance.