2010 CommonWealth Games in Delhi!

The mega event is due to be held in the month of October next year; but only 40 % of the total preparation for the Games have been completed till now. An observation to this effect was made by the Common Wealth Games preparation review committee, which recently visited the sites where construction for CW Games 2010 is going on at present.

Going by the huge magnitude of the event that will take place with more than 10000 athletes vying for honors in various sports disciplines, It does look quite a mammoth task for the concerned agencies to prepare the remaining infrastructure for an event which is just 16 months away now.

The Common Wealth Games Village being constructed at the Yamuna River bed near Akshardham Temple has also invited sharp criticism from various environmental activists, who claim that the construction will actually result in concretization of the river bed of Yamuna. Expressing fears that the water level of the area which had already gone down drastically, will be seriously affected by the on-going construction of the CW Games Village at the river bed, creating a severe water crunch for drinking water for the people of the city.

The government however has allayed all such fears, saying that all the civic authorities and the environmental factors were taken into consideration before it started construction at the games site. But recent reports have also indicated that the private company which has been entrusted the task of constructing Commonwealth Games Village will retain two-third of the total accommodation; and the remaining one-third will be given to DDA, which it will auction off later.

This in fact raises serious doubts over the intention of the government; which seems quite intent on using the Yamuna’s river Bed as another prime real estate property for itself. Indeed a pretty big cost that the people of Delhi will pay for depleting drinking water levels in this large city.