2012 Political Run For The Roses

Although not a mainstream television watcher since pay television was mandated by Congressional decree throughout America, I have  been recently residing with relatives that unfortunately have become rather homebound in their declining years, and on and off been subjected to some of the political entertainment shows carried on pay TV. 

Unfortunately also, it has affected somewhat my elderly relatives grasp of reality since this really is their primary contact with the real world.

Those shows and all those crime dramas and unreal "reality" shows that are fed to the American public as a steady diet.

There have been so many debates at this point by the Republicans it seems there should have been a new reality series scheduled by the networks entitled "The Presidential GOP Debates:  Run for the Roses," limiting them to 13 weeks. 

My eyes glazed over after the first one.

I spent my time during the second one imagining alternative occupations for those "candidates" after they leave office, if they ever do before retirement age.  Few, I’m sure, will but here’s what I came up with…

Mitt Romney – Used car salesman or croupier in Vegas

Newt Gingrich – Pilsbury doughboy stand-in or the new face on Monopoly for Mr. Moneybags, the banker.  (Or Hallmark Card writer).

Rick Perry – Howdy Doody’s new partner or calf roper and bull rider.

Michelle Bachman – New face for Oil of Olay or Cruise Line Director

Ron Paul – He’s already an obstetrician and that fits, or Santa Claus (with padding)

As far as the other political party, we all know what Mr. Obama’s true calling is:  Motivational speaker or union organizer.  I think most Americans know by now he is not nor was a Constitutional lawyer.

While all these people are traversing the country, spouting their political ideology, I wonder…just how did our political system get so very, very profitable for the cable entertainment news networks (MSNBC, CNN, FOX) and those candidates?

I mean, just how many staff members and assorted individuals affiliated with these continous elections can now list on their job resume "political strategist?"

I mean, do they give degrees in that now too?

Our elections are becoming mirror images of last week’s finale of Survivor.

He who plays the game and survives, wins the coveted rose.

By hook or by crook.