2nd Test of Team India






Subsequent to the first test drawn.Dravid and his men did not get too much time to prepare for the next combat between England and India today at Nottingham, England.Team India doesn’t seems to be in a good position to take on the English team, Its major players are not performing well and not even fit for the game today. Saurav Gangully is suffering of a back-ache, whereas experienced test players like Laxman and tendulkar completely failed against the New England spinners and pacers.




                                                                                  Providentially rain helped team India to face a reprehensible defeat in the last match, nonetheless this time perhaps they have to do it themselves in case they want to steer clear of a series crush against the English. “Since Gangully is not physically fit we have decided to include Yuvraj singh in the Last twelve, although Gangully being fit for the game can be included in the eleven players’ squad,” added Rahul Dravid Indian Captain.



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