3 Died in Flash flood in Chitral Pakistan




3 died in flash flood.




CHITRAL: As well as two persons were killed in River while they collecting woods from flood water at Chitral river.  According Drosh police two persons were recovering woods from flood water at Chitral river and they were drown and died on the spot. The first incidence occurred at Kaiso where Naveed Ahmad was collecting woods in flood water at Chitral river and was swift in deep water who was died on the spot. In second incidence Sher Shah son of Mir Badshah was recovering wood at Gahnite village and was drown in deep water who also died on the spot. While in third incidence a woman was died in flood water at Ayun village. Dead bodies of all three deceased persons are still missing and local volunteers trying to recover their dead bodies. Meanwhile heavy flood in Chitral goal nullah damaged so many bridges and links roads have been damaged by flash flood.