30 lakh people boycott trains on 10th December.

India experienced one of the largest protest on Worlds Human Rights Day, 10th December 2007. To get specific, it was against Western Railways which opertates in Mumbai and its sub-urbans. With nearly 25 lakhs of people voluntary boycotting the trains on Monday, it was one of the largest one seen in recent days.

The demand was for starting trains from Virar station every 5 min. The current sechudle is 10 mins per train from Virar. It is astounding to see that the Virar-Mira Road belt has a travelling population of 30 lakhs everyday. The train which has average capactiy of  2000 people carries three times its load. At peak hours, the crowd becomes so high that its toture to every one. It is estimated that at peak hours 19-20 people stand in mere 1 sq meter!!!

Even though railway minister announced 153 trains for Mumbai in 2007, only 3 are operational. The quadrapulation of tracks were completed by September, but very few trains are operational on that route. The project of quadrapulation started in 1997 and was complete in 10 years which is not a big feature for Railway ministry.

The protest were peacefull. They adopted Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of non-voilence. At some places the protestants even offered "Rose" flowers so as to encourage people with peaceful means. Some passengers with valid reasons were allowed to travel. Students were given concessions to travel, but they were the one who supported the protest whole heartedly.

The people of Virar-Mira Road blet believe that conducting surveys and useless studies like "Most Influencial Person"; "Most Sexiest Person" is useless and stupidity. Rather there are many noble and humanitarian ways to spend the money. People from this belt believe that the most sexiest person won’t come and help in their daily toture. Nor will the listings of most influencial person will help if he is dumb enough to make himself rich and see sufferings around him.

With 95% of 30 lakhs of total population supporting this boycott struggle, lets see if there is still some politicans and ministers who actually do something creative and helpfull for the people or are they is competition to become "Most Influencial and Richest People" on the heads of common man.