5 years old rape victim awaits justice in Nepal

Kathmandu Nepal: A five years old girl who was raped by 26 year old Suman Shrestha in Mahadevsthan VDC three weeks ago is in a traumatic situation of pain and peril. She has been under treatment in the children national hospital Kanti where she is suffering pain and there is no contorl of her in her body.

The girl’s private parts were damaged badly and doctors at the National Hospital are worried about her health condition and well being. Recently the girl went under a surgery to insert a tube inside her private parts to prevent further infection and she awaits another operation to fix her back to normal functions.  With lack of funds, the girl’s mother is left with no option except to wait and to see her child suffer.

According to her she had knocked the doors of the Children-Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH) and the District Child Welfare Board (DCWB) for financial assistance but she was turned down.

 Her mother use to work as a wages worker and earned NRs 300 a day in average and after the incident she has no means of income generation. She has already spent Nrs 45,000 and now she has no means to even cover the medicine expenses.