Diane Sue Whalen Filmed Sex with Dogs

Diane Sue Whalen has been charged with felony crimes against nature, the details of which will shock you.

Diane Sue Whalen, 54, of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, trained her two dogs, Lucky and Buddy, to have sex with her. She and boyfriend Donald Roy Seigfried filmed over 150 tapes of her performing sexual acts with Lucky and Buddy and Seigfried’s blue heeler, Merlin. Diane Sue Whalen’s adult son found the tapes and gave them to police.

Lucky and Buddy will be taken to the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah where they will be put up for adoption. Best Friends is a no-kill animal sanctuary meaning that Lucky and Buddy won’t be euthanized, even if nobody adopts them.

Donald Roy Seigfried and Diane Sue Whalen will appear in court in August.

Source: FOX News