A Christmas Prayer To Jesus

The Babe Who Forgave

Jesus dear Jesus,

my Lord and my Saviour,

how can I thank you,

for forgiving my terrible behaviour?


No matter my sins,

be they big, be they small,

no matter the pain,

you accept them all.


You show this love

to save me from damnation,

and you hope

that I , will tell every nation.


Jesus dear Jesus,

my Lord, and my saviour,

to repay such a love,

I will happily labour.


Jesus my Friend,

Jesus my Brother,

I vow to love you,

serve and worship no other.


You provide me your teachings,

You provide me your Grace,

You dispatch your love,

on the wings of a dove,

knowing one day in time,

we will meet face to face.


You hold open the gate,

leading us to pasture and good life,

guarding us from sin

and guarding us from strife.


Jesus dear Jesus,

how can I ever repay,

your selfless graces,

your loving ways.


You teach me thoughtfulness, compassion, and love,

sending them through your spirit,

on the wings of a dove.


Jesus dear Jesus,

my Saviour, my Brother,

I vow to love you,

as I love no other.