A Deadbeat Parent Needs to Support Their Family

Commentary: There are a lot of women/men in our today’s society who deal with a deadbeat parent who does not want to pay alimony and child support to their family. One or the other parent may not have an education or a business trade to properly support their family and it is impossible for them to support them without financial support.It is sad how many people are left in a devastating situation and they do not know who or where to turn to get help and to keep their children fed and with a bed to sleep in.

A man/woman will end up having to rely on the government to provide them with the necessary items required, i.e., food stamps, housing, and medical care. They take the deadbeat parent to court repeatedly and the judge orders them to pay child support and alimony but the deadbeat flees the area to hide somewhere in the states or elsewhere to avoid paying the support payments.

It is my opinion a deadbeat parent is cheating the government out of money every day to support his/her family while they run free without any responsibilities whatsoever. It is also my belief that a deadbeat should be hunted down like any other criminal and taken to jail and sentenced to work and the money should be turned over to their spouse to help support their family.

I believe that "no-one" person who has a child or children should be allowed to walk free and without supporting their family. It is their responsibility to take care of the child/children they brought into this world and it is not the governments position to have to take care of them.

There is many a parent who has been left with a house full of children to take care of and to support and their spouse is not paying a cent toward their support. Some mothers/fathers are left to try and make a living for their families and some of them work two jobs to just make ends meet.

They struggle and suffer the consequences of raising their children by using baby sitters and many times the sitters are people who resent having to take care of the children and they’re physically and mentally abused.

I believe this is one of the main things that cause havoc in our society because these children are raised up with resentments for the way they were raised and how they were mistreated by others. Their parent did the best they could to raise them properly but the children missed out on a focused leadership parent to nurture and express love to them. 

When the children mature to become adults, they have a lot of hate and anger built up inside and many of them express this and end up in serious trouble or face prison terms for wrongs they’ve done. Some of the children go through life suffering personality difficulties and the lack of self-esteem. 

Many time our society will say, "It’s because the children were not raised properly that they’re in trouble."

No-one says, "A parent whose spouse left them without any support and who worked two jobs to support their children."  

A lot of these deadbeat people are living in another state and they have one or two children by another woman and they’re not supporting them either. The government is supporting them. This is a travesty and these deadbeat people need to be stopped. They’re contributing havoc in our society and they need to be stopped one way or another. 

I believe we need tougher laws established to hunt these deadbeats down and force them to support their children. I have "no" mercy for a person who leaves their family in this type situation. If they don’t work, make them work to support their children and keep them in jail until they decide its work or jail.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article.