A Decision I Made Several Years Ago To Eat Grapes On A Daily Basis

I’m a person who eats grapes every day of my life and I never get tired of them. These different type berries grows on woody vines in clusters and they can be red, blue, black, golden, purple or green. I prefer the blue and purple ones because I like their flavor the best.

I started my grape regimen several years ago because I read or heard somewhere that they were a great source for antioxidants. Grapes are good to eat fresh or as dried raisins, juice, wine’s jellies and jams, and it also adds a special taste to various deserts.

I’ve also used grape seed oil supplements whenever I’m on vacation and don’t have the fresh grapes available. Grape oil supplements can be purchased at most drug stores or in Walmarts or Kmarts in most areas. The supplement is supposed to strengthen a person’s capillary walls, help venous insufficiency and to rid edema after a person has surgery. 

The grape industry in the Virginia area has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years and people are opening up wineries all around the Washington Metropolitan Area. A person living in this area will have "no" problem at all finding great wineries to visit and to taste the wines from the vine. The wineries have various types of wines to offer the public and they also have jellies, jams, and other products made from the grapes.

I’ve also heard through the news and by reading articles throughout the years about the supposed benefits attribute to the red and purple grapes because of the grapes pigment which are in the skin and seeds of the grape. Catechin’s are said to have more phenolic in the white grape and anthocyaninus are the main polyphenolics in the red grape. News reports and different articles I’ve read also indicated the grape is a potent flavonoid which is supposed to fight cancer because of its rich ellagic acid.

I read just the other day where women are now using grape oil to prevent their wrinkles. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m definitely going to and I’ll keep readers up-to-date about my results. Now, I’m not suggesting for a person to go out and buy grape oil and begin to rub it on their faces. I do suggest people give some importance to the possibility that grapes are good for their overall health and it does have preventative possibilities.

Some of the articles also indicated that grapes are also supposed to help the cardiovascular system by suppressing the inhibitions of LDL 
cholesterol oxidation, blood clots, reducing homocysteine levels in the human body and having anti-atheroclerotic properties. My husband has severe vascular problems and he has had a quadruple heart by-pass and this is why I decided in the Year 2000 for us to begin our grape regimen.

Here recently I heard on one of the news channels that Concord grape juice will protect the healthy breast cells from DNA damage which they say is caused by chemical carcinogens and it also stated that pigments of grape juice is supposed to improve immune responsiveness. 

For some period of time now, I’ve heard that grape juice can promote good brain health too; and in some people participating in a survey were less apt to develop Alzheimer’s disease when they drank purple grape juice at least three times a week.

I cannot attest to any of the above facts as being factual but I can say that at least I’m eating grapes in hopes it will improve mine and my husband’s health. I’m a believer that God gave us berries, fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats for us to eat and most of these foods are good for our health if eaten in moderation.  

This article was written by Barbara Kasey Smith and it is based on information heard or about over a period of time about the benefits of grapes. Barbara is the sole writer of this article.