A Gift Of Kindness To A WWII Veteran

I saw a wonderful story on the CBS News the other day and it was a heart-rending story that touched me to the core of my soul, and I wanted to share with readers how a young woman named Allison Eyres gave her co-worker, 90-year-old Jack Morris, in New Jersey a gift he’ll never forget.

These two people worked for Avis in New Jersey and their friendship grew until they became really close with each other. Allison who loved history became interested in her 90 year old friend who had served in the Army during World War II. She knew Morris was a living history book and she also knew he could provide her a lot of great stories and valuable information about our country, the war, and his life.

Allison was interested in everything Morris had to say because she felt it was important information; and in fact, she wrote down all of the information Morris provided in a notebook to keep it. Time passed and Allison kept collecting all the stories and information that she could gather from Morris. 

One day Morris came to work and he told Allison someone had broken into his home while he was sleeping and they had stolen a lot of his items but his greatest loss was about a dozen of his loved war medals. He could not figure out what a robber would want with his medals that he personally had valued, appreciated, and was so proud to display. Morris told Allison that he would still wear his medals for various different occasions.

Morris told Allison during their conversation that his medals sealed a lot of memories within and he would miss everyone of them because each one had a different purpose. 

After hearing about Morris` terrible loss, Allison decided she was going to try and replace all of the war medals for him. She brought in a military magazine containing photographs of Morris` Army medals and she asked Morris to show her each one of the medals that had been stolen. She didn’t let Morris know what she was doing because she wanted it to be a surprise.

Several weeks passed and one day Allison brought a gift to present to Morris, and when he opened it, he was in awe to see his beloved Army medals. Allison had given him his entire collection of medals back to him. Morris said, "I could thank Allison a thousand times, but that wouldn’t be enough."

Allison I feel you should be commended for your act of kindness and for the sincere caring gift you worked to replace for Morris. Those Army medals were close to his heart and I’m sure your thoughtfulness filled Morris` heart with joy and happiness. You are a "real" friend and you’re also thoughful of those who served to protect us and our country.  

According to the CBS News report, "America is losing about 600 WWII Veterans every day, and it’s ashamed that those who remain don’t have an Allison to listen to their tales and award them the immortality they deserve."

I’m sure Morris has touched Allison’s heart as much as she has his and I feel certain Allison will never forget those inspiring stories and valuable information Morris passed on to her as a lesson in history.

This story gives me reasons to be thankful for people like Allison. 

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and it was taken from the CBS News report.

 CBS News