A Minute Til Infinity

The minute is finally up. “A Minute Til Infinity” is a compilation effort from members of hip hop group L.E.G (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) This will be the group’s debut project, and will serve as a hello to the world. The project is hosted by E. Kayne, who also produced a majority of the project. The lead song from the project, “Til Infinity”, has been featured on DaSouth.com as a new single, where it has compiled a number of hits.

L.E.G, led by Grammar of Camden, NJ, is comprised of four extremely talented Christian artists, who came together to form a super-group, so to speak. Members include Gramm, Mell Omii of Cincinnati, Ohio, Prominence and Monro, both of the DMV area. All of the artist give a different aspect to the project, which makes for a project unlike any other previously done in music. The project is only six songs long, and leaves more to be desired from the group. However, this was the intent, as it will serve as an attention grabber for each artist, while they prepare to release individual works. A Minute Til Infinity, although short, provides the listener with a wide range of feels, as every song offers a different taste to the project.

A Minute Til Infinity, is more than just a mere project, it is an experience. It not only contains quality music, but it also serves as a powerful ministering tool, and L.E.G plans to use it to the fullest extent. Songs from the project will be featured on local stations in each of the artist’s home towns and surrounding areas as well as on Jango national internet radio. The group has lined up a small tour to promote the project, having shows planned in at least 8 cities. There will also be a review of the project on syndicated web blog Teeny Bites.

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Gramm Thomas at: 
bloodpaktbooking [@] yahoo.com; via twitter @IAmGramm; or by phone at 856.726.3215