A novel yet potential allergy vaccine is on its way

 30 october 2012 Researchers have found out a new vaccine that is safe as well as effective in combating the common allergic reactions and requires only a minute amount of the active metabolite substance and injections to enhance your immune response.

Seasonal allergies though are not fatal to health but are also not a simple health issue that can be ignored.

The researchers are of the view that this vaccine has the potential to combat a wide range of allergic response such as hay fever in a more efficient and safer way as compared to other traditional remedies available in the market.

The seasonal allergies are usually treated with anti-histamine medications, steroids or allergy shots to build immunity against the allergic manifestations; but, the current technique is believed to be more target-oriented as well as non-invasive.

The vaccine is injected beneath the skin’s surface as this area is packed with WBCs. With this measure, one can use an injection with a dosage that is around 2000 times less than the conventional allergy shots along with requiring a few shots to boost their immune response.

The researchers so far have tested only 30 patients with results that showed a significant decrease in their allergic reaction caused by grass pollen, which is attributed to the effective vaccine.

The researcher Stephen Till claimed that it is too early to determine whether the vaccine may reach the clinical market but currently, more research evaluation with a 90-patient clinical trial is being carried out.


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