A Passion For Lost Treasure

Jessa Lee Scott is the nom de plume for mother-daughter writers from Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Texas, Jessa Scott moved to Virginia after she was married, and lived in a variety of regions in Virginia.

When asked to describe the key issues of her book,Winds of Gold Scott said that according to legend, Thomas Jefferson Beale and twenty-nine Virginians left Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1817 to hunt on the Western plains. "They found gold and silver north of Santa Fe, and two loads were taken back to Virginia to be buried in Bedford County. Each shipment was to be hidden until all of the treasure was transported and could be divided among the men in the party," she said.

"During his second trip to Lynchburg in 1822, Beale left a letter and three coded messages with Robert Morris, an innkeeper in Lynchburg, with instructions that Morris should read the papers and act accordingly if Beale didn’t return within ten years. When Beale failed to reappear, Morris and others subsequently attempted to break the codes."

Scott said that while she was living in Bedford, Virginia, the mystery surrounding the legend of Beale’s treasure appealed her imagination, and she undertook writing a fictional account depicting what might have happened to the treasure.

"This book has it all: suspense, mystery, adventure, and romance. It’s perfect for summer vacation reading and winter reading in a cozy chair by the fireplace," she said.
She said as she embarked on the project, the key message she wanted to transmit to her readers was an inspirational one. "Dreams can come true and treasure can be found," she said.

Scott traveled extensively throughout the United States as part of the labor intensive research process and said that her knowledge in American history "provides authenticity for this fictional account of the lost treasure."

Synopsis of book
Kyndra Bailey inherits Faircliffe Plantation and is caught in an intricate web of secrets and deception when her brother disappears and her uncle spends her inheritance. With the loss of Faircliffe looming, Kyndra is forced to ask for help from handsome and mysterious Tyler Andrews. From antebellum Richmond to the Santa Fe Trail, Kyndra and Tyler are entangled in danger, adventure, and passion as they search for Kyndra’s brother and a fortune in gold, silver, and jewels. Knowing that Tyler must return to Texas and Kyndra will return to her beloved Faircliffe, their love seems doomed from the start. Yet as the clues draw them ever deeper into the mystery of Beale’s Treasure, their passion cannot be denied. The treasure may be lost forever but will Kyndra and Tyler be lost to each other forever or is their love strong enough to keep them together?