A Prayer For Forgiveness

70 x 7 The numbers say it all.

We are children of Almighty God. Like it or not, this cannot in truth and honesty be denied, even though there are those who refuse to believe that God exists.

We call ourselves, "Christians", and claim we are "Born Again" meaning that we have been cleansed in the blood of "The Lamb of God" Christ Jesus. We claim that we despise sin and have changed our ways, yet again and again we slip and fall into temptation and sin.

Our sinfulness may or may not have been intentional at the time, but there it is.

How painful it must be to our Lord Jesus to have to give witness to our daily stumblings. We should be extremely thankful tha Jesus is sitting at the right hand of Our Father as our advocate, absolving us of our sins. Jesus forgiveness and mercy is "Never Ending".

Peter, one of Jesus first chosen apostles asks Jesus in:

MATTHEW: 18: 21-22: "Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, "I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven."


Dearest Father God, dearest Lord Jesus Christ, my beloved Lord and brother, how sad and painful it must be for you to have to sit there on your heavenly throne, and watch your wilfully sinful brothers and sisters repeatedly break your heart daily by sinning over and over again, whether it be intentional or not.

It would have been so much less painful and much simpler, if we had not been given "Free Choice", a freedom to choose our path. But then as Lucifer rightfully points out, to deny us the right to choose would mean that our love for you would not be love at all, merely blind obedience forced by your command as God.

We beg you Lord Jesus for your mercy and forgiveness, for being such weak, and undeserving humans that constantly, wrongfully choose to sin against Our Father and especially against you dear brother Jesus especially when we know how much pain it is causing you.

We offer this prayer of forgiveness unto you, praying it through your holiness.