A Ransom by Teenagers

By posting an open invitation in the popular networking site ‘Face Book’, School girl Hudson invited trouble when more than 400 youngsters gate-crashed into her Spanish villa where she was celebrating her 16th Birthday Party last Friday.

The drunken teenagers besides stealing more than 6000 Pounds worth jewelery, designers clothes etc caused damages to the seven bedroomed Villa which is estimated to be worth more than four million pounds. Eyewitnesses recalled that the damage was so extensive that the place looked like a war-zone with the walls ruined, carpets damaged, and furnitures ransacked. Police arrived only after the damages have been done.

It is an undoing of Hudson on her own. She lured the pals to the party where alcohol flowed like water. After getting drunk, they posed for pictures during the carnage and posted them on line. According to her mother, it would be months before the villa could be restored to its original shape.

That means a monetary loss of more than 4000 pounds per week as they would not be able to let villa to holiday-makers this summer.