A Roving Eye and Urges Can Cause a Person Trouble

This article is concerning people who are contemplating on having an affair but they’re having a fight with their own conscience. They know it is wrong but their urge to have a fling is building more and more with every passing day.

Their minds are consistently on another person and they’re flirting as much as they possibly can and it is just a matter of time until they step over-the-line. They know they’re doing wrong and they cannot look at their spouse without suffering a guilt trip either.

This yearning is driving them crazy and they’re acting like a cat on a hot tin roof and like a high school teenager too. Their hormones are raging and the more they stoke them the more they rage. 

It is sad when a person has this condition to contend with in their life because they’re susceptible to doing something they’ll regret in time. They’re likening to a lit firecracker waiting to go off. This type situation has been going on in our society for years and it will continue as long as hormones rage. Some people are not happy and content with having one partner and they begin to prowl and search.

They’re happy with their wife and family but they’re looking for excitement and to scratch their itch. Once they’ve conquered their conquest, and after a few months together, the relationship becomes stale, and one or the other, realizes the "fun" is over and they want to return to their spouse. They’ll try to opt out of the relationship but one of them wants "no" part of ending it; and then their problems begin.

People, if you’re one of these people who find themselves in this type of situation, you had better stop looking for someone to bed and give some serious thoughts about forgetting your fantasy to find someone new. This could possibly be a mid-life crisis and you’re in the stage of a hormone rage and it will leave you in a few months.

Once you’ve left your wife and children, the odds of you ever getting them back is zilch and so is your chance of marrying the other woman. If you do marry the other woman, the odds are against it lasting too long because of your financial commitments to your wife and children, problem after problem, and you’re finding your money supply is running low. When the walls begin to tumble down on you, you’ll wish you had never looked at another woman.

People who have extra-marital affairs and they’re married and have children, they do not realize all of the consequences they’re going to face in their new marriage. Life is not going to get any better, there are college educations to think about and other issues to contend with too. 

It might be wise if you’re one of these people to stop your hormone rage and to take a look at your life and decide if it is worth it?  

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article it is based on actual facts experienced in her life.