A Seven Percent Rise In Crime Rate.

Sarawak,Malaysia: Saturday,

  The crime rate in Malaysia rose to a total of seven percent this year.

   This was revealed by the Director Of Crime Investigation Deparment in the Malaysian Police Force.  Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee told the press that this rate of crime can be further reduced if the public played their part.

   He added further that eventhough the Malaysian Police did their best in fighting crime, but it’s prevention is most effective when played by the public.

  "As a member of the public, members of the Foochow community  can really help in alleviating the chances for it to be committed," he told reporters when officiating a luncheon organised by the Sarawak and Sabah Foochow Association.

  On the topic of gangsterism in Sarawak, Datuk Christopher said that the exposure by the media did not help much. He hoped that members of the Police force will do their best to check this scourge.