A Witch is finally caught

Members of Gatutu village were awoken at 2 p.m. on Monday night after a strange incidence happened in their village. This was a very odd story and could have been ranked among top list in ghost busters.

Grandmother, Lorna Mleki, a.k.a Bolt wa Giza, was caught red handed while she was on her routinely night running activities. This 90 year old mother of 9, surprised many after she was found lying naked in a newly dug pit latrine at Nyamweya’s homestead.

As sources say, Nyamweya, a new occupant, had always been visited by a couple of gods of the dark, like the villagers liked to call them. On two occasions, he admitted of ever seeing two naked men fleeing like dears from his compound after a load of faces was smeared on his door front.

Lorna being caught never came as a surprise since Nyamweya was disgusted by these people. He had secretly dug a hole; 6 feet deep at the back of his yard and careful covered it with banana leaves.

On that fateful night, Nyamweya was waiting patiently with a rungu in his bedroom when a loud scream came from the back of his compound. He immediately swung into action and took his lamp to go and see his catch. It was after he confirmed the presence of a naked Lorna that he called other villagers to disapprove them.

 This event really shocked many and up to date, Nyamweya is regarded as the might night runner catcher.