Abstinence Holds Firm When a Vow is Made

In today’s society abstinence is not a word we hear discussed among teenagers. Many of them do not know what the word means because they’ve never had the subject discussed with them by their parents or other authorized adults. When I was a teen abstinence was discussed with me at a young age, and I do believe, it prepared my mind and conscience to remain abstinent until I was married.

I had a religious upbringing throughout my life and I was taught right from wrong by my parent’s teachings too. I know that through their teachings and my religious upbringing the word abstinence was an important issue and it made a big impression on me as I was growing up and becoming a matured lady.

I had a moral and a religious obligation that I decided to follow throughout my life and I refused to have sex until I was married. I wanted to have a pure body for the man I would make a commitment to marry. I made this decision early on in my teen life and I never regretted it. 

When parents take an initiative to sit down at an early age with their children to discuss abstinence with them, children will have time to absorb the importance of staying abstinent until they’re married.

When parents discuss in detail all of the problems that come along with sexual relationships as a teenager, I’m sure it’ll make a big impression of their children and cause them to give some honest consideration to being abstinent.
If parents will give their children the proper information about being abstinent and tell them the repercussions that will follow if they select to go for a sexual relationship, i.e., having an unwanted pregnancy, possible adoption, possible venereal diseases, social issues, abuse from the man, heartache and pain, and being shut-out of a close friend base, etc., this will make a big impression on their mind and conscience too.

Teenager’s need to be prepared for their teen years because once a teenager begins to experiment with sexual relationships, it can cause them mental anguish and a lot of problems in their teen years.

This destroys a teenager’s life and robs them of their independence and inter-personal relationships with other teenagers. It can also destroy self-esteem, self-confidence, cause rumors and gossip about them, build inner hatred, and cause personality problems to explode. 

Teenagers who have sex on their minds on continual bases cannot concentrate on other issues in their life such as their education; socializing and living a normal teen life; and participating in sports and other activities at school.

When teenagers have had a bad experience in a sexual relationship, it has a mental impact that will sometime remain with them throughout their lives. This can cause recurring bouts of depression and unhappiness because they want to forget their past experiences.

Parents can make a difference in their teenager’s lives by taking an active role in discussing sexual issues and the importance of remaining abstinent until they’re married. I’ve always been thankful to my parents for their upbringing techniques and I also thank God for being there for me the many times I was tempted but I kept my  vow.

The wonderful thing about being abstinent is being able to say "no" and mean it. I’ve considered my body as my temple and I’m sure there are a lot of teenagers in today’s society that feel the same way. 

I know there are temptations in a teenager’s life but when they know they hold the key to their life and by turning the key it can make a big difference in how their life turns out.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article and it comes from her experiences as a Mother.