Activity of Mount Merapi in Central Java Increase in Population Requested Alert

Yogyakarta – Indonesia, (October 20,2010)  Thick smoke continued to gush from Megelang Mount Merapi in Central Java, on Wednesday (20/10). To monitor every second of movement of Merapi, the monitor 24 hours on standby and the results are more worrying Merapi activity.

      Lava on Mount Merapi on Tuesday (19/10) at 24.00 to Wednesday (20/10) at 24.00 pm carrying up to 54 times. This number increased from the previous day recorded as many as 52 times.

      According to Observation Post Officer at Ngepos Merapi, Srumbung Retiyo this shows the increased activity of Merapi. For multi-phase earthquake was recorded 200 times, volcanic in (A) 3 times, and shallow volcanic (B) 14 times.

      Meanwhile on Wednesday morning at 24.00 hours until 06.00 am an earthquake avalanches occur 5 times, multi-phase earthquake 52 times, shallow volcanic (B) 1 time and volcanic in (A) has not been recorded. "From visual observation, thick white smoke sulvatara weak pressure altitude of 150 meters high with leaning toward the west," said Retiyo.


Residents Asked to Beware

      As the increased activity of Merapi volcano, the residents in hazard-prone areas around the slopes of Merapi prompted more vigilant. Investigation and Technology Development Center of Mount fireplace (BPPTK) Yogyakarta continue to monitor and hope people make effective communication between citizens to reduce disaster risk. "We had communication among stakeholders, both with the district in Sleman, Klaten, Magelang and Boyolali. Ask people on alert if there is increased activity of Merapi in a short time," said Subandrio, head of BPPTK Yogyakarta, Sunday (17/10).

      The observation on Saturday (16/10) it seems there is an increase in volcanic earthquakes (VA) 10 times, shallow volcanic earthquake (VB) 23 times, 259 times more earthquakes Pase and glowing lava material 39 times. However, physically there is not yet visible morphological changes to the status of Merapi mountain peaks are still wary. Based on statements from Observation Post Ground Mount Merapi in there visually dense smoke solfatara soaring to 150 feet, leaning towards the west.

      The residents that live in areas that fall into disaster-prone areas is about six to eight kilometers from the peak of Merapi. Various international humanitarian organizations expressed readiness to assist in the response to disaster when the mountain erupted. Currently, quite a lot, an international humanitarian organization that really cares Merapi eruption danger. Among other things, the UNHCR, the international migration organization, and United States Agency for International Development (USAID). UNHCR, building barracks in Boyolali. UNHCR’s refugee barracks will be built in Selo was designed to accommodate about 1,500 people. USAID, preparing a means of survival bags to the residents who will be displaced.


Most Active Volcano in the World

      Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcano in the world. Since the year 1548, this mountain has erupted 68 times as much. This volcano last erupted in June 2006 and fatalities by 2 people. Eruption in 1930 destroyed 13 villages and killed 1400 people.

      Throughout its history, estimated at Merapi has erupted more than 100 times. Could not be ascertained since when Merapi began erupting. However, after the familiar tradition of writing in Indonesia in the 5th century, new in the 9th century there is important information about the eruption of Merapi, which is so great. Previously, experts are just guessing based on the sediment (soil) that provoke.