Admission Test in Bangladesh Medical College.

During my summer visit to Bangladesh sometimes I become honerary guest lecturer in one or two Medical or Engineering admission coaching centre in Dhaka. It has been a practise for last few years since I moved from Bangladesh to overseas for higher study. On 29th November the admission test of Bangladesh Medical College(BMC) will be held , which is probably known as the best private medical college in Bqangladesh. The seats are limited to 100. The so called foreign quota and purchasing the seat by spending 15 lacs taka is an old fashion now. Students on internet informed me this year the inside story is like this: If someone has CGPA 8+ then 35 lacs taka deal for buying seat in advance and if CGPA is 10 then 25lacs taka. The attending of exam is just to show people off. Another student informed you must have someone inside BMC if you want to get in to it. And when I told my student to send me detail info about it she denied to do so saying otherwise she wont get admitted if this is flashed. And also the person told you and offered you such things will be in trouble.

Medical college produces physicians who are aparently the important asset of a country specially for a country like Bangladesh. Think about what kind of physician the upcoming generation is about to give to us if the admission procedure is like this in a reknowned medical college. Its not like becoming a doctor rather I  should say purchasing your MBBS degree to be a doctor.

So called Govt. has taken good initiative for preventing flashing question in medical admission test and negative marking is a good step but what are they doing for pvt medical college admission test? The govt. is too busy delaing with cyclon now so they will not do anything and can not do anything of this pvt medical college thing- according to another student of mine!

Have to run for working back to lab now. Before that thought to drop this matter in few lines here for everyone’s concern.