Advent of the key influential drug for Alzheimer’s disease

12-November-2012: As per a study lead by the researchers from the Cleveland Clinic, it has been shown that a chemical compound invented to relieve the neuropathic pain has the capability to act as a unique yet effective remedial option for treating the deadly old age condition called Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Mohamed Naguib, lead researcher of the study claimed that they have invested two research years in carefully studying the potent compound and the current clinical investigative studies have added another feather to this molecule by establishing it as a potential therapeutic aid for treatment of Alzheimer’s condition.

He also added that the manufacturing of this probable medicament for Alzheimer’s may take many years but, this significant medical intervention is worth further clinical analysis.

The compound named MDA7 stimulated positive immune response that hindered the progression of the condition.

The treatment with the medication in animal model showed that the memory, synaptic plasticity and cognition to be restored, which is the cardinal neurological basis of effective brain functioning of memory and learning ability.

The compound exerts an anti-inflammatory action on CB2 receptor (a cannaboid receptor) without exerting any negative health complications generally observed on treatment with such compounds; since neuro-inflammation is regarded to be the mechanism responsible for the development of the dreadful brain disorder.

A recent statistical analysis has shown that around 5 million Americans are suffering from this irreversible and fatal brain condition that gradually diminishes your cognitive and memory abilities.

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