AIFB express concern over KPs plight

 Delhi/ Jammu & Kashmir: A meeting of All India Forward Block was held at Jammu under the chairmanship of party state chief Dr. AKKharu. While addressing the meeting Dr Kharu voiced his great concern over the attitude of both state and central governments towards the displaced KP migrants. The displaced migrant community is on dharna for last one year for want of enhancement of their monthly cash assistance. Dr. Kharu said that it is not possible for a family to pull on five thousand rupees assistance per month when the prices of all commodities have touched the sky. Dr. Kharu added that the KP migrants have been suffering for no fault of their’s for the last twenty two years and had to undergo trauma, depression and diseases. Dr. Kharu while expressing his gratitude and thanks the revenue, relief and rehabilitation minister Raman Bhalla for having tried his level best for having highlighted the vows of k.p. migrants and for having made recommendation also the enhancement of cash assistance to ten thousand rupees but the congr3ss led UPA government did not heed any attention towards the same. Prominent among other were Rajan Padre, B. L. Bhagat, , Raj Rani Pandita, Shaju Ram, Kamal Kishore and others.