Al Qaeda claimed responsibility of attacks in Baghdad

 The terrorist organization threatened more attacks in the future.

The string of attacks ended more than 60 dead and dozens injured.
The objectives were to security headquarters and military patrols.
The Islamic State of Iraq, linked to Al Qaeda, claimed responsibility for Tuesday ‘s series of attacks in Baghdad last Thursday , which killed 69 people and wounded 191.
The group said it was his "Ministry of War" who organized the attacks of the last day 22 in different districts of the capital, in a statement posted on the Internet whose authenticity could not be verified.
He added that "the attacks were aimed at security headquarters , military patrols and congregations of the dirty Mahdi Army, and heretics end security and military leaders and government administration of the Green Zone, "a fortified area hosts the main institutions.
The Mahdi Army is a militia loyal to Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has suspended its military activities in July.
Terrorist conglomerate
The Islamic State said that one of the targets in the attack was the Criminal Investigation building , belonging to the complex body of Transparency, which is responsible for fighting corruption.
According to the text, "the government used it as one of its most important tools to support the Shiites, to clean up all Sunnis and forcing them to submit to their evil projects on the pretext of combating corruption "
The terrorist organization threatened more attacks in the future and criticized Iran’s meddling in the affairs of Iraq, so that "muyahadines (holy warriors) will not sit still seeing the evil of Iran project has had a clear negative consequences and obvious than they already want to do with the Sunnis in Iraq. "
The Islamic State of Iraq, created in October 2006, is a conglomerate of terrorist groups directly linked to Al Qaeda.