Allah -ud- Din had a strong wall built along the banks of the Sindhu

The slave rulers laid a firm foundation to the Delhi Sultanate. Naturally Muslims from the north -west migrated to India. The Khiljis that succeeded Balban’s family ruled between 1290 to 1320 AD. Jalal -ul- Din Khilji 1290 to 1296 AD. Is the founder of the dynasty. His nephew Allah -ud- Din conducted victorious expedition to Malwa and Devagiri. On his return to Delhi he got his uncle killed and ascended the throne.


To check the Mongol inroads, Allah -ud- Din had a strong wall built along the banks of the Sindhu (Indus). He also defeated the Mongols more than once. After capturing the fort of Ranthambore, he defeated the Rajputs. He captured Chitore after deafeting Rana Bhimsingh. Next he captured malwa and Gujarath. He sent his general Malik Kafur to the South. In the South the Yadavas ruled from Devagiri. Kakathiyas from Orangal (Varangal), Hoysalas from Dwarasamudra (Halebidu) and the Pandyas from Madhurai. They engaged themselves in mutual (later Daulatabad), he also defeated the Kakathiyas and the Hosalas and return to Delhi with a vast booty.


Though Allah -ud -Din ordered the crowning of Malik Kafur as his successor, the nobles killed Malik Kafur soon after Allah -ud- Din’s death. As Allah -ud- Din’s son Mubarak was not a worthy successor to his father, the governor in the north -west Ghazi -Mullik -Tughluq assumed power.