Allergic to Your Phone? Study Shows Rash Link

Too much use of mobile phone may cause a red or itchy type of rash on cheek and ears as per the British Association of Dermatologists who advised the doctors to keep these findings based on studies in mind while treating patient with the rashes on ear and cheeks that cannot otherwise be explained.


Citing study results the dermatologist group said the rash, known as ‘mobile phone dermatitis’ affects people prone to allergic reaction to Nickel. The rashes may occur due to exposure of body parts like ear and cheeks where the nickel surface of the mobile instrument comes in regular contact over long periods of mobile use. They also said that theoretically the rashes might occur on fingers also if a lot of time is spent on texting by metal menu buttons.


Studies are have been going on for quite sometimes to know the effect of use of mobile phone on health as safety concerns over mobile phone use is becoming a major issue with the growing number of frequent mobile users.


Nickel is extensively used in day-to-day households as anti-rust metal protection coating on belt buckles, stainless steel utensils, mobile phone metal parts and even on jewelry and is one of the most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis according to Mayo clinic of USA.


Earlier this year, Lionel Bercovitch and his colleagues of Brown University of Providence, Rhode Island, found nickel on 10 devices out of 22 mobile handsets tested from different manufactures