Anime Review of Himawari!

Himawari!" is a Japanese anime series that lasts up to thirteen episodes. It looks to have a bit of science fiction but it’s mostly adventure and comedy. The series had finished airing around 2006 with a sequel to the series had seemed to finish airing last year. Both series are directed by Shigenori Kageyama. The series was aired on the Japanese network channel called "Chiba Television." A good deal of the series and the story behind revolves around the kunoichi whom are female ninjas. The story takes place in a fictitious town in rural Japan called Kasumi Kogen which is the "Village of the Mist." It looks as if everybody in the village are ninjas.


This looks to be reminiscent of Naruto. However, this series looks to have a much different feel to the Naruto series. In Kasumi Kogen, the main focus is the Shinobi Gakuen which is a school of Nin-Jitsu that gathers students from all over the world to become kunoichi. The graduates of the school make up the residents of the Kasumi Kogen which is why they have ninja skills and abilities. It looks to be a more realistic version of Naruto as the graduates join the government agencies and branches of the military.


The story revolves around a student named Himawari who wants to be a kunoichi and Hayato Madenokoji a person that had took up a teaching job. He was deceived into paying two-million yen to a friend. Now, he has to take up a teaching job. Hayato is very much dumbfounded to see that ninjas actually still do exist. In a sense, Hayato goes nuts. However, it looks that perhaps fated for Hayato to come as he has a mark on his neck shaped like a ninja shuriken. The story then revolves around Hayato trying to repay his death and Himawari swearing her allegiance to him.


It looks very much fated as the ninjas of Kasumi Kogen do all sorts of things to hinder any means of Hayato leaving. The story also reveals that the young elite ninja are artificially born using the DNA of the pure ninja bloodlines. This is an interesting contrast from the popular Naruto series.


Himawari Hinata is like the female counterpart to Naruto as they’re both trying to become the best ninjas. Naruto is looking to be the Hokage which is the best ninja. Himawari is looking to be the best kunoichi of the village. A good deal of the techniques used in Himawari look to be the same as those used in the Naruto series. She has a huge obsession with watching ninja movies. It is the very reason that Himawari wakes up late as she stays up all night watching all sorts of shinobi movies.


Hayato looks to be the normal person. However he has a good ducking ability along with good luck that helps him out. However, he has keen eyesight and good aim.


But characters look to be different from that of Naruto. Himawari! has an interesting cast of characters asides from both Himawari and Hayato.


There Shikimi who is a kunoichi-in-training wearing glasses. She is a plant specialist and uses them to make potions and poisons. In a sense, she looks to be a cross between Ino Yamanaka and Sasuke Uchiha. She is in a "relationship" with a male ninja named Nanafushi. However, it’s revealed that love is forbidden as any kunoichi-in-training is caught in a relationship will be expelled.


There is Yusura, another kunoichi-in-training has the ability to communicate with animals. Overall, it’s an interesting concept. The creators have done a good job making Himawari very different from the Naruto series.


The different characters have their own set of specialties and abilities.


It is unknown if and when this series will eventually be released to North America. But it’s a very limited series that spans up to thirteen episodes. However, if you like the Naruto series, you may enjoy watching Himawari!