.Antarang an unique museum

In Mumbai(formerly Bombay)’s red light area kamatipura,there is an unique museum known as Sex Museum.The museum named Antarang was established byMumbai District Aids Control Society.An eminent Mumbai artist Dr.prakash Sarang also contributed to this effort.The purpose of the museum is to create awarness against Aids.It also wants to break the prejudice that openly talking about sex is against the Indian culture.Toursists who want to visit mumbai,the commercial capital of India can add the unique sex museum into their list .It’s an unique experience and it helps to grow awarness about AIDS and other related deseases .Antarang Museum also helps to change people’s mindsest about sex.Every year,there are large number of AIDS related deaths in Kamatipura.kamatipura is surrounded by Bellasis Road on the north,Grant Road on the south.one can enter the area by crossing the Flankland road.
According to International Heath Organisation,India has an HIV/AIDS population of 5.1 million, second only to South Africa with 5.3 million infected people.In India,the high-risk groups include sex-workers and their customers.
Indian society is still divided about the implementation of sex education in schools.