Antibiotics found to treat appendicitis effectively

19 May,2012 (USA): British researchers claimed that the use of antibiotics liberates you from the complicated suffering of normal appendicitis, which can provide you the same effect as that found on surgical removal of your appendix. Although, antibiotics had a better rate of success but still 20% of patients had to undergo surgery to ease their troubles.

The study took into account hundreds of patients suffering from the painful appendix and concluded that the use of antibiotics was a better and safer option than taking the aid of the knife. They not only provide good results and an easy way to heal your troubles but also posses the ability to make the stay of patient at the hospital a shorter one.

Dr. Dileep Lobo, lead researcher of the study and a professor said that the use of antibiotics to treat unsophisticated acute appendix complication as soon as it is being diagnosed not only prevents the necessity of the surgical removal of the appendix but also ameliorates the morbidity rate in patients.

He also put forth his views by stating that with the latest techniques and best diagnostic tools available, we can effectively carry out the better option that suits the individual’s need and clinical condition.
Of the total 900 patients, 63% of those treated with antibiotics showed complete relief from the symptoms and did not need any kind of further treatment. The use of these medications also resulted in around 31% less complications as compared with that of surgery. While, the rest had to undergo surgery or treated with more antibiotics for improvement in their condition.

The researchers also said that in case the symptoms recur after a year or so, than surgical removal of appendix is the best and only alternative to relieve your complications and provide you a better health.