Are You A Biollionaire In The Making?

According to an article on, born billionaires see things differently – their visions are far reaching.

In other words, people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Mexican telecom tycoon Carolos Slim are a cut above the rest. Incidentally, they are also the three richest people in the world – and in that order. Analysts say that if Microsoft hadn’t made a guffaw of bidding for Microsoft, Gates would have been as rich or richer than Buffet’s touted $62 billion. But a close $58 billion is not so bad, considering the fact that Buffet donates most of his charity money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In short, empire builders like the ones mentioned above are not just businessment – they are revolutionaries and visionaries. Because they don’t just dominate their industries, they change it industry to create a niche; much like Gates’ vision of Microsoft.

Gerald Kraines, chief executive of the Levinson Institute, a business consulting firm in Jaffey, N.H. says, "(Billionaire entrepreneurs are) not working within the confines of the current market." Instead, "They’re anticipating things much further afield. You have to see spaces that no one else sees," reports

Its not just vision that drives the world’s self-made billionaires to go beyond the $100 million mark, but the gung-ho to stick to their vision and the ‘hutzpa’ to pull it off.

If you thrive on risk-taking, you could have what it takes to be a biollionaire. Ask yourself some tough questions like are you willing to do what it takes to make your company grow, or to even start your own company, for that matter?

Get a hold on your vision by deciding how much you’re willing to give up – i.e. a fair share of your independence to appease investors and board members – , before you decide to use your immutable will to go forward with your vision.