Are You Ready For?


Okay! So how many readers and writers here at Ground Report are prepared and ready?

Oops, sorry, but no I’m not referring to being ready for Christmas. I apologize if that’s where you thought I was going with this article, even though Christmas should be fore-most in almost everyone’s mind at this time of year.

I am referring to if you’ll excuse the expression “Kissing your a$$ goodbye”.

What am I going on about you’re asking yourself?

Well it’s like this. Back in January of 2012, some clown in the states came out with a doomsday prediction that, according to the Myan Calendar, which by the way is supposed to apparently end December 21, 2012 that on that date, which just happens to be now, today, that everyone on earth right now will face some catystrophic cataclysm calamity that is going to supposedly spell the end of the world for all of its inhabitants world wide.

This threw thousands of people around the world into a survival preparation mode whereby they began stocking up survival goods and equipment moving their stock into underground bunkers and mountainous cavities like abandoned mines hundreds of feet below ground, that they believe will protect them and permit them to survive whatever cataclysm might arise, including a nuclear holocaust, or maybe some huge terestial object slamming into the earth causing total destruction of everything and everyone in its wake.

Although God does tell us that there will be a time somewhere in the future whereby God will bring about the end to all sin and the end to death and an end to satan’s reign over earth, none of the foretold signs that will announce its beginning is present, nor are they imminent.

So here I am. It’s December 21, 2012 the first official day of winter, with 4 more days until another Christmas and nothing, but nothing cataclysmic or otherwise is going on, not here in Toronto Ontario Canada where I live, or anywhere else on earth for that matter. It’s just another beautiful day passing by one second after another.

Every other year or so someone comes up with another doomsday scare throwing people unnecessarily into a panic that the world might be coming to an end. It is my belief that when that time comes it will be when we least expect it. These doomsday scares are nothing more than a way for stores, businesses to make a huge profit off of the gullible.

So I guess for all of those thousands of doomsday believers who went out and stocked up their bunkers with whatever, the joke’s on them.