Arizona’s Proposition 100: Politicians Victimize Arizonans Once Again

As if the garbage over the "new" illegal immigrant law codifying the federal laws with respect to illegal foreigners in this country wasn’t enough with all the outside agitators and backlash that has resulted, the clueless Arizonans just victimized themselves once again due to the special interest lobbying groups operating without any check or balance within that state.

Early returns show that the Arizona citizenry has passed an added transaction privilege tax in order to purportedly fund the deficits in the state budgets with respect to education and public services.

The only problem is that the clueless Arizona public, consisting of mostly transplanted Easterners and Californians at this point in Arizona’s history, have no idea that a hike in the transaction privilege tax which is levied against the corporate interests in that state will be passed on to the Arizona citizenry, and as a general "sales" tax will simply go into the general fund for the legislature to spend at will and not for those purpose for which this added tax was promoted.

And will, of course, continue to increase the bankruptcies in that state which have increased in leaps and bounds due to just such measures as these.

Not to mention that if any of those sums do go into education, will simply stay at the top increasing the ASU president’s salary from the current $700,000 to maybe $750,000 and not trickle down to those teachers in any manner whatsoever.

Or to the local law enforcement for the bogus "new" illegal immigrant law, since most of those law enforcement officials also get civic contributions from those businesses that are hiring those illegals that supplement their pay in added benefits, so the Arizona legislature will simply deny any added budgetary requests from the city and state law enforcement officials as has progressively also occurred.

So that they can continue to feed their special interest lawyer, real estate and financial sector groups for their next run for office.

Arizona is a transient state, which markets to retirees most of all in order to fleece them of their wealth in one form or another, or progressively bankrupt the longer term residents until they also eventual move in order to feed their real estate and land fraud backers.

Proposition 100 was promoted as a "temporary" increase in the sales and/or transaction privilege tax in Arizona, but if history serves, this tax will be permanent.

And the homeless and jobless in the Arizona washes will simply increase.

Since the monster must be fed, and until the Arizona residents are truly bled dry, the monster apparently is insatiable.

Beware America. 

Those now "cheap" homes have a price that is far above the listed price for those foreclosed homes.

Your eventual ruin.