Awami Workers Party Demo in 40 cities for land reforms in Pakistan


LAHORE – The Awami Workers Party (AWP) held a demonstration in favour of land reforms Friday at Shimla Pahari, says a press release.

Scores of activists from AWP National Students Federation (NSF), Pakistan Trade Union Federation, National Trade Union Federation participated in the demo. The protesters chanted slogans against feudalism and demanded end to the system.

According to the AWP, people came from 40 cities.  Speaking on the occasion, AWP’s Akhtar Hussain took a swipe at the defenders of feudal system and called for bringing in refoms for the betterment of small growers who contribute to national development largely.

He regretted the 1990 decision of Supreme Court Shariat Appellate Bench wherein the court annulled the 1977 legislation as unIslamic.

AWP President Abid Hasan Minto recently filed a petition in the SC against the Shariat Appellate Bench decision. The AWP has decided to launch a campaign in favour of land reforms, it was reiterated.

Jamil Umer, Shazia Khan, Zahid Pervaiz, Hashim Bin Rashid, Bashir Zafar, Dr Afshan Zahir, Riffet Maqsood, Azra Shad, Yousaf Baloch, Mehmood Butt and Chaudhry Naeem Shakir were among the speakers.

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