Awami Workers Party Sindh Province report


As per minutes of 1st national committee meeting held at Hyderabad on 09-12-2012, the Sindh Province Executive body had to visit to all decided districts/units to start membership and form interim organising committees for the transitional period of 6 months with Secretary as the responsible designation. Comrade Usman Baloch (President AWP Sindh Province), Bakhshal Thalho (General Secretary AWP Sindh Province), Hassan Askari (Member AWP Federal Committee), Alya Bakhshal (Women Secretary AWP Sindh Province) were among the regular team along with other Federal Committee members of AWP. In above respect the 1st phase of tour has been successfully completed. Report of each district committee meetings are as follows:


Awami Workers Party Thatta District meeting dated 18-12-2012

Before going to Mirpur Bathoro, Awami Workers Party Sindh Province team visited worker leaders of Thatta Cement Factory at Thatta. Comrade Nabi Soho also joined us at Thatta Cement Factory. After that AWP Provisional leadership reached at Mirpur Bathoro where they did meeting with party comrades and started membership. The meeting elected 8 members organising committee and comrade Nabi Soho elected as district Secretary. After the meeting, Provisional and local leadership visited for a meeting with workers of Shah Murad Sugar Mill at Jhok.

District Secretary Nabi Soho contact number (+92) 03132692679.


Awami Workers Party Sanghar District meeting dated 25-12-2012

Sanghar District meeting was attended by more than 80 comrades. Comrade Meer Hassan opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. Other who addressed the meeting include comrade Mushtaq Nizamani, Qazi Ali, Nawaz Nizamani, Khalil Baloch, Faiz Keeryio, Hassan Askari spoke along with various federal executive committee members. The meeting elected 12 members district organising committee and comrade Bakhsh Mangrio as its district secretary.

District Secretary Bakhsh Mangrio contact number (+92) 03342883004.


Awami Workers Party No-Shehro Feroz (MORO) District meeting dated 26-12-2012

AWP activists of the district with party flags and revolutionary slogans welcomed AWP provisional leadership at bypass and lead to meeting place held at local school. More than 30 comrades attended the meeting. Provisional Joint Secretary Comrade Zia Bhatti also joined there. Comrade Khalid Burero opened the meeting and gave welcome brief and briefed the agendas. The meeting elected a district committee and comrade Ameer Laghari as its district secretary. After organizational meeting a open program was also held there and comrade Alyia also joined a separate program of female comrades. AWP Federal Committee Member comrade Hassan Askari talked about the need of merger and introduction of AWP. Comrade Bakhshal talked about the unity and relationship of class, democratic and national question in Pakistan. By the evening another open meeting with farmers along with a cultural program was held at village Laghari Bijarani by comrade Miskeen Mehmood.

Contact numbers for distract Shehro Feroz (MORO)

Khalid Burero (+92) 03013218163

Miskeen Mehmood (+92) 03003096934

District Secretary Ameer Laghari (+92) 03003802307


Awami Workers Party Dadu District meeting dated 27-12-2012

There was no pre-merger unit of any constituent party of AWP in the Dadu District. Therefore, all possible contacts (up to 20) and individual members were invited. Party leaders from Moro District, Khalid Burero and Ameer Laghari also joined the meeting. Comrade Zia also accompanied the provensional and Federal leadership of the AWP. The meeting elected Ghulam Ali Shah as District Secretary of the Party and was asked to initiate membership. Comrades from K.N. Shah and Mehar also joined the party.

Contact number for District Secretary Ghulam Ali Shah (+92) 03342512909


Awami Workers Party Qamber Shehdadkot meeting dated 27-12-2012

District meeting was organized in the evening at Nasirabad a Talka of District Qamber Shehdadkot. Main activists in the district are female and party membership was planned. Comrade Seengar Noonari became AWP District Secretary.

Contact No. District Secretary Seengar Noonari (+92) 03013294016


Awami Workers Party Larkana District meeting dated 28-12-2012

We were received by AWP Federal Committee member and prominent trade unionist comrade Roshan Kalhoro. Comrade Roshan arranged meetings were arranged with Trade Union leaders Chingchi, Taxi, Construction, Riksha and Highway Unions at highways Trade Union office. Trade Unionist Abdul Qadir Malkani welcomed us at the meeting vanue. The meeting strongly condemn the arrest of prominent Trade Union leader Manzoor Aheer.

AWP federal and provisional delegate also met with different writers, most prominent were Khalid Chandio, Mumtaz Lohar, Ali Zahid, Munwer Solangi and Qadeer Shiekh.

District contacts:

Abdul Qadir Malkani (+92) 03033883661

Roshan Kalhoro (+92) 03332253668


Awami Workers Party Shikarpur, Sukkar District meeting dated 29-12-2012

While on the way to Sukkar we also met with some writters and political pesons at Shikarpur mainly Mumtaz Mangi and Manzoor Ujan. District committee meeting was held in the evening. Over 25 members participated in the meeting. Bilal Soomro elected District Secretary.

Bilal Soomro district secretary contact number (+92) 03123269971


Awami Workers Party Ghatki District meeting dated 30-12-2012

In Ghotki we were received by federal committee member comrade Rauf Paras. A meeting was also organized with writers by the General Secretary Anjuman-E-Tarqee Pasand Musanifeen (Progressive Writers Association).

AWP district meeting was attended by more than 70 members of the party. A district committee was elected comprising 10 members representing all taulkas of district including Khan Gharh, Dahrki, Pano Aqil, and Obaro. Comrade Badal Malik was elected as district organizer and comrade Ali Hassan Gabol as district secretary.

District contacts:

Badal Malik, district organizer (+92) 03006116523


Awami Workers Party Pakistan, Hyderabad District meeting on December 15, 2012

Meeting was held on Saturday the 15th December 2012 at Awami Workers Party office Hyderabad and was being attended by more than 50 comrades. At the end of meeting an organising committee was elected which will be coordinated by three comrades as follows:

1. Mubarak Jatoi, contact phone number (+92) 03022122778

2. Shams Siddiqi, Contact phone number (+92) 03467737027

3. Zahid Meso.

Comrade Mubarak Jotio was elected as dist sec.


Awami Workers Party Pakistan, Karachi meeting on December 16, 2012

Comrade Ghulam Mohammad Jadoon opened the meeting as stage secretary explaining over 80 members of the attendees. Awami Workers Party central secretary Education and Political Training Akhtar Hussain gave lead off on domestic & international political scenario. Bakhshal Thalho talked on issues parting to Sindh Province. Nasir Mansoor, Alya and Ramzan also talked at the meeting. House elected an 18 members organising committee and comrade Saliha Athar as Secretary organising committee.

Contact number comrade Saliha Athar (+92) 03002624840.


Comradely regards

Bakhshal Thalho

General Secretary

AWP Sindh Province