`Baby -proof’ your home -To prevent accidents

If you have older children, they should be told that the baby will take up a lot of your time but this does not mean you love them any less. Also, they should be encouraged to help you with the baby. However, they may need to be reminded that the new baby is not a doll or a toy.


As your baby grows older, you will have to be extra careful. A crawling baby is inquisitive and adventurous. It is up to you to see that these traits do not get him into trouble.


Be careful of pets in the house. Make sure of the pets’ reaction to the new infant. If hostile, you will have to take steps to protect your baby. Make sure the baby is always safe in his crib or cradle. Never leave soft toys or pillows or blankets lying about in the crib while the baby’s is sleeping. While changing nappies, watch out for safety pins.


Keep an eye on house plants, electrical cords, electrical outlets, irons 9even when they are not hot, they can injure a child if he grabs the cord and pulls one down).


Your treasures should be kept out of reach.


Keep razors and medicines locked in a cupboard.


Look out for small objects on the floor that are liable to choke baby. He will stick strange objects in his ears and nose.


Stairs must be blocked at the top and at the bottom.


He will drink anything he can get his hands on, even a whole bottle of sweet cough syrup.


Babies are odd creatures. They will do all of inexplicable and unexpected things. Parents just have to develop a kind of anticipation of what they might do. But if rid your home of all the obvious dangers and are alert to the special propensities of the baby, you will probably have gone far to assure the child’s safety.


Be proud, but don not get uptight. And don not destroy your child’s inquisitiveness. Encourage it in ways you know are safe.