Baig urges Srinagar to lead the change in state


Srinagar, September 16 (Scoop News)-    Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) , former deputy chief minister Muzaffar Hussein Baig, said the J&K state as a whole and Srinagar in particular had suffered as a result of the devious policies of National Conference.



Addressing the a party workers convention in Batmaloo constituency, Baig said the ruling party perceived the PDP as a threat to its decade’s long domination and instead of improving its performance to stay afloat as a party it had developed a paranoia and spent most of its energies in demonizing the opposition party.


He said the people of the state had seen through the misdeeds of National Conference and it would be before long that the party would be consigned to the dustbin of history. “They continue to exploit Srinagar only as a result of the boycott of elections and the day people here decide to use their vote a fundamental change would take place in the destiny of Jammu and Kashmir. The self respecting residents of Srinagar owe it to themselves and rest of the state to bring in an element of political accountability so that they get a government of their choice and a government that unlike successive NC dispensations does not sell out their interests” Baig said. He said even the scope for a tactical rigging like 2008 would be eliminated if the people came out to vote in overwhelming numbers and “you would not be ruled by leaders who get elected with 500 votes and claim to be arbiters of our fate”.


Baig said PDP had achieved in its 36 months what NC had not been able to do for the people in 36 years of its exploitative rule. He said it was funny that the NC accused PDP of being close to BJP after the party slept in the lap of RSS for six years. “What compulsion drove the Abdullahs to align with BJP except a job of MS for Omar Abdullah even as it had two thirds majority in the state legislature? The fact is that NC does not feel itself accountable to people and they feel they can come to power as a result of poll boycott and unprincipled tie ups” Baig said appealing people to use their strong sense of discretion in political decision making. “How many times are we going to be deceived by the National Conference?” he wondered.


Molvi Iftikhar Hussein Ansari said the NC was trying to divide the people on different pretexts to safeguard its own interests. He said this party had historically benefitted from discords in the society and always promoted friction but now people had become aware of their machinations. Molvi said NC was once again trying to create dissensions in the society to divert attention from its huge failures in governance.

Molvi said the NC had targeted the youth of the valley and was using all tools of repression to suppress voices of protest and concern. He said after killing hundreds of youth the NC government had framed thousands in false cases. Even 10 year olds were not spared and boys were being arrested for wearing the dress of a particular dress. “The party that was known for arresting radio sets six decades back on charges of listening to broadcasts from neighboring country seems to be doing it all over again by arresting teenagers for wearing green” Iftikhar said.

Recounting the initiatives taken by the PDP led coalition in Srinagar Tariq Hameed Qarra  said their completion would have transformed the city. He said major achievements of PDP led coalition included the securing of over Rs 300 crore project for Dal conservation, beautification of Jhelum river front, widening of bye pass, up gradation of north south corridor (nammath), Dr Ali Jan road, construction of fly over, beautification of Eidgah. For development of handicrafts and tourism, the mainstay of Srinagar economy the party ensures special relief package for stakeholders, reconstruction of exhibition (numaish), establishment of Institute of carpet technology (IICT) and Design Dev Center at Bagh e Ali Mardan Khan, reconstruction of Nigeen Club, construction of Zabarwan park and Badamwari, new TRC at Railway station and a number of other facilities. He said the restoration of Aali Masjid is considered a trend setting effort in the state.

Others who were present on this occasion include District President Mohd Ashraf Mir MLC, Coordination secretary Ab Hameed Kosheen, Vice District president Nisar Ahmad Mandoo, Ab Qayoom,  Ab Rouf, Zone President Noor Mohd, Syed Irfan and Jahangir Wani.



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