Barack Obama Nation, Only This, and Nothing More

There is a man running for the office of what is by default the world’s highest singular authority: the office of President of the United States.

And many have swooned and shouted rapturously at his rallies and as he gives speeches, calling him "handsome" and "eloquent" and "a force for change" and "representative of the people" and many other wondrous adjectives and adjectival phrases.

And this beat has gone on even as Barry H. Obama’s wife beats down Americans with her tongue and renounces any pride she may ever have felt growing up or before the nation so sagely gave her husband a front runner’s position for the Presidency.

And this beat has gone on even as Barry H. Obama has promised change, change, change. What kind of change? He has never been clear on that in his constant talk, talk, talk. Vague but emotionally charged talk is an ages old charlatan’s trick, used by would-be prophets to predict nothing and everything at the same time, given that everything’s eventual.

The change that Barry H. Obama has promised is made by the media messiahs to seem like a revolution. But it isn’t.

Indeed, Obama might as well promise to change the channel on your television. For that is all he is, in his stinginess of detail, promising to give you.

Obama cynically plays upon Americans’ ever-shorter historical memories even while he cynically plays upon Americans’ propensity to live in dreamland with regards to national security. He offers up a plate full of utter domestic failures from the 1960s and utter economic and foreign policy failures from the 1930s.

Obama would be soft on criminals, soft on our enemies, soft on terrorists, soft on whiners. He would go out of his way to appoint federal judges who would write their very own legislation from the bench, and he has made that very clear.

But Obama would swing the hammer hard down upon the producers, the wealth creators, and the defenders of our nation and our liberties.

It’s only this, and nothing more.

Obama appeals to the Protean Man, a product of post-nuclear weapons use in World War II (those 1930s foreign policies, not just by America, led to it) and the ever faster pace of technological change and speed of information exchange. He appeals to those who have no authentic Self and despair of being able to formulate one, if they’ve ever even heard of such a thing at all.

The cracks and fissures and fragments of society soak up his poisonous words (not all that eloquent; go to your average black or white Protestant church on any given Sunday to find his rhetorical equals and betters, but his role models all the same), and those who carry cracks, fissures, and fragments in their souls are the very definition of lacking integrity: disintegrated.

It’s only this, and nothing more, that he appeals to.

He makes appeals to envy. He makes appeals to feelings of child-like weakness.

Like a brain-dead glamor girl, he uses his looks instead of his substance. No, he’s not handsome. He’s black.

Barry H. Obama knows that there are many Americas who, for their own personal reasons, are just dying to elect a black President. For many of them, at this point any black man will do, pride in the nation, pride in one’s self and self respect thrown out the window, along with concern for the future of one’s children.

Whites who feel this way are haunted by guilt (the most evil of emotions). Many blacks who feel this way only care that they could now live out their fantasy vicariously through someone who looks like them, while some others fantasize about being given a free Mercedes, the title deed bearing the black President’s rubber stamp signature.

Only this, and nothing more.

Obama’s former (that is now emphasized by his campaign, "former") preacher, Jeremiah Wright, is talking like a woman scorned now, for he understands that his eyes are a window on Obama’s soul.

"Barack talks the way a politician has to talk," says the preacher whose espousals about HIV, U.S. Marines-as-terrorists, and genetic racial divides between black and white brains, among numerous others, are so outrageously ridiculous that even liberal black American pundits like Juan Williams have denounced him and stridently attacked Obama’s lack of denouncement.

Black pundits like Williams are right to say that Wright has no business pointing to himself as a voice for the Black American Church.

In the same way, Obama has no business pointing to himself as a voice for what Americans really want or, more importantly, really need.

But Barry H. Obama is counting on getting enough Americans at election time to take a mental journey to their own personal fantasy island and cast a vote for him.

Only this, and nothing more.

Americans will find that if they do what Obama is counting on them to do, they will regret it.

For evermore.