Basavewsara founded a spiritual academy at Kalyana (Karnataka)

 Basavewsara played a prominent part by reviving Veerashaivism. By his talents he became the treasurer of the Kalachuri prince Bijjala at Kalyana ( Basava Kayana in Bidar district.   


Basavewsara founded a spiritual academy called Anubhava Matapa at Kalyana. Presided over by another saint Allama Prabhu, the Srananas (the devotees of Shiva) like Akka Mahadevi, Nagalambika, Madivala Machayya, Ambigara, Cauddayya and Haralayya (a cobbler) exchanged their spiritual experiences at this academy. Many of his followers were the lower strata of society. Basavewsara condemned the idea of unsociability. Upheld the idea of equality of all human and was for freedom for women. He condemned the worship of images, the practices of ritual sacrifices and propounded the worship of Shiva in the form of Istalinga (linga worm on one’s body). All humans must engage in some calling to earn one’s bread which he called `Kayaka’ (bread –labor) and no profession were superior or inferior in status he argued. He wanted to uphold work- culture.


 God one but his names are numerous; and whishing well of all living beings is true religion are some of his notable statements. He held devotion as a path of salvation.


Basavewsara was forced to leave Kalyana and attained the other world at Kudala Sangama. His followers left Kalyana and scattered all over south India. Later the successors of these Sharanas re-assembled at Vijayanagar after several generations. The Veerashaivas founded numerous Mathas (mother) and encouraged education. Even today this formula has a wide following in Karnataka.