Hundreds of youth activists marched from Batla House to Jamia Millia Islamia today to protest and to demand for judicial inquiry of Batla house Encounter case. The protest was organized by India Awakening Forum, a solidarity forum of individuals that include people from all walks of life, from all religion and profession on one stage to raise voice against injustice. In the protest, various senior activists also participated.
A well known leader of communal harmony who came from Ayodhya Sh Jugal Shastri participated in protest and told that we must have to make accountable for our society regardless of our religion and caste. There is a strong need to come together to fight for right.
Another activist Dr. Sayeed and Rabbani  told that muslims in today’s world are in a position of insecurity and thus it becomes our duty to make efforts for their safety and development in all aspects. In fact, we all favor truth and non violence but it is not possible without justice.




During the walk on roads, Shadab Bashar, a member of the forum, who hold the protest banner says that even we are too insecure to roam on roads alone. Unfortunately, we have to be afraid of the persons who have responsibility of our safety and security.
India Awakening Forum has also organized a signature campaign at Batla House for the same demand on 16 and 17 September and more than one thousand people supported this drive through signature. Member of the forum Shah Alam told that this signature drive ensured the participation of general public and towards democratization of the demand.
Pankaj Pathak emphasized for more awareness and support base programs and told that only peaceful and democratic protests can bring us the justice. He told that we must live the truth within us and we all have to work continuously towards justice.
During protest it was seen that Police have denied the permission for march till home minister office and heavy police force was deployed at location to stop the protest. Members of the forum walked peacefully on road with their placards of peace and justice. After at the gate of Jamia Millia University, police stopped the protestors to go ahead, however a five member delegation went with police to submit memorandum to Home Minister Office for their demand. This memorandum also included the signatures of people to show that it is a public demand to initiate judicial inquiry of the case.