Because Every Home has a Memory to Share – TATA Capital

The thought may not be novel, but it is a deep seeded one. And thanks to the latest ad byTata Capital Home Loans, it was the most un-canniest of the conduit that ended up upholding a sentiment we may not put a second serious thought to, until now.

There is no denying that a home you own is far more your own than a space you rent. Given the current lifestyle patterns, the plausibility of buying a home has been left at the mercy of a gruelling work schedule in a highly competitive work ecosystem. So, where does there lay respite? Looking back one would fondly recollect memories of their home where every mischief, every fight with the sibling, every celebration and every difficulty shared a common space. A home bears witness to one’s growing years, and in that it becomes a part of one’s very existence. Smallest of the things like the pencil markings on a wall that stand testament to one’s growing years,many a times against those of one’s siblings, is a personal story we all share with our homes, and not often with the houses we rent. Against each of those pencil markings that also bear a pinned date or year there is a deep-rooted subliminal thought that in gradually surrendering to the house that is your own, one makes it their own. And with each passing year as one grew, the wall bearing the greyed markings stood as a testament of these very thoughts. This is the sentiment one shares with their own home.

And when a company like Tata Capital comes out to remind us that indeed these are the things that really do matter, one does take the bait to view their life in retrospect and measure it against memories collected over the years. And more often than never every memory from the days gone by shares a common thread, that is the home you lived in.  

There is much honesty in stating that every house a story to tell, but memories are ingrained in the veins of the house. It is these memories that one shares over the years, such as the pencilled progression of one’s life, that make a house a home in all its absoluteness.