Behold the Jazura

 Good day hockey fans and welcome to another post of "WHEN THE PUCK ROCKS". Today will be reviewing the last president’s cup on the division 1 match between Jazura against Redev




On the first period both team was on fire as the player goes head to head exchanging hits and goal but on this period as the match is played it seem Redev got their first blood and also leading with 4 points while Jazura counter back and only reach on 3 points.


As the second period comes into play Jazura pick up their pace and giving no chance for Redev to make any strong offense and pushing them to a defensive position which later in the mid of the second period Jazura hit a few scores leading them with 3 more points in the game and now making them leading with 6 points while Redev is on 4 points.


Third period come into play and both team tighten their grip and lead them self into a full out battle on scoring the biscuit into the basket, which Redev score on an early third period putting them on 5 points and as the game goes on to an almost finish, Redev pull out their goaltender for an extra player but as luck run a bit out Jazura score the final goal on an empty net which make them now on 7 points while Redev on 6 points


Overall it was a head to head action pack match and hopefully we could see this again on the next season, To the winners of the Presidents Cup a big congratulation to them while for the one that didn’t win don’t worry there’s always next season and possibly this is the time where improvement should come into play and be prepare for another session of hockey on next season 


Well that’s all hockey fans hope you people have a good time and have jolly good Merry Christmas.