Belgrade, Crimes Against Humanity, and Introspection

Following the declaration of independence by Kosovo, the Serbians protested violently by attacking the US and its European allies’ embassies in Belgrade on 21 February. It was wrong in principle on the side of the Serbians to attack the embassies on the one hand and it was equally unjust for the US, European Union and even the UN to encourage separatism openly.

Violence being perpetrated in the name of independence movements has degraded into communalism and racism. This situation does not contribute to the cause of international peace and friendship. Therefore, it is necessary to discourage separatism.

The United States itself does have many states. Should other nations campaign for the independence of each of those states? India has invested a huge sum of money in setting up new political parties that would separate Nepal’s food-producing Terai region and serve Indian interests at best. Should Nepal and other countries similarly campaign for the independence of Kashmir?

As the UN Charter has clearly advocated for international peace and progress, equality, freedom and brotherhood, it is natural for even politically and economically weaker nations for the UN to expect its adherence to the univerally agreed-upon principles.

It is not difficult to understand that the Serbians, extremely hurt by the deliberate actions of the US and its European allies that led to the declaration of independence by Kosovo, were enraged. The crimes against humanity have been committed in most parts of the country. The millions of people have died in Afghanistan and Iraq from slow-poisoning starvation, malnutrition and physical and mental tortures. Are these not the consequences of crimes agaisnt humanity? Hundreds of Dalits have already been massacred by different state-sponsored landlords’ private armies in Indian rural parts. Are these not crimes agaisnt humanity?

The same types of crimes committed by two different dictators cannot be labeled in two different ways: one as crimes agasint humanity and the other as humanitarian actions.

Likewise, frequent massacres of innocent civilians by suicidal attackers are high level crimes against humanity. Such crimes would not go on had there been no impunity. Impunity results from countries’ inability to punish the exact criminals. In fact, criminals are being rewarded while the innocent people have been victimzed.

In this context, there are faults with the global media and world structures. For their improvement, introspective efforts on the side of the UN, the USA and its European allies would be useful for international peace and order.