Bin Laden’s death: happiness or regret?

The killing of Al Qaeda leader by the American Army is a matter of neither happiness nor regret. Neither the happiness nor the regret generated by terrorism and counterterrorism will change the world any better. However, it is natural for the victims of both terrorism and counterterrorism to react to the incident in their own ways.

Both terrorism and counterterrorism cause short-term as well as long-term harm to the human society. In appearance, and in terms of the nature of killing and the number of victims, both of them may sound different from each other. In essence, they are not.

Have you ever heard terrorists and counterterrorists talking about any scientific and pro-justice strategies of transforming the human society better? In reality both of them have stressed on violence and massacre and reciprocal annihilation.

They have not stood for ending the deep-rooted injustices in the human society. Instead, they have added to the sufferings of fellow human beings. In fact, terrorism strengthens counterterrorism while counterterrorism strengthens terrorism.

Military experiments of the global empires have already massacred millions of people. Who are to be punished for these heinous crimes? The question remains unanswered. Civil wars in corrupt-ruled developing countries are part of those military experiments aided by the latest technologies.

 Currently, military hegemonism is a growing threat in Africa, Asia and Latin America. So long as the countries’ political decision-making process does not belong to the concerned peoples themselves, the expansion of global empires will continue through their chosen slaves tagged as ‘political leaders’.

While counterterrorism industry itself has been indiscriminately taking thousands of lives every year, the death of a single terrorist will not change the ever-occurring nightmares into peaceful and happy days. Those seeking final solutions through reciprocal annihilations bestialize themselves as well as others. Genuine democracy, not disguised democracy, is the solution.

Fully respecting the dignity and sovereignty of UN member nations is the prerequisite for international peace and freedom. Direct invasions and colonization even in the 21st century are the most embarrassing scenario in the ‘civilized’ human world.  It would be great if the wisest citizens of the most developed nations recognize the peoples in the developing countries as human beings and also internalize the universal declaration of human rights, the UN Charter and the norms and values of international relations.