BJP’s Apprehension

BJP State General Secretary Sat Sharma said that out of
additional 8,000 crores earmarked for developmental projects in J&K, the
Union Finance Minister should have given the break up of exact amount to be
spent for Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir separately otherwise as per the past
experience there is apprehension of maximum amount being spent in Kashmir. Sat Sharma described Union Budget as discriminatory and

Reacting on various salient features of this budget, Sat
Sharma opined that this budget 2011-12 directly aims to hit urban middle class
and poor people by ignoring them totally. This budget has been very carefully
designed to panelize the middle urban class, which was vocal enough to raise
its voice against inflation and corruption which has gone in favour of the rich
class of the country.

The budget, according to him, has ignored women about whose
empowerment government talks about every now and then. This is done by not
further raising the tax rebate limit in favour of women but only for men by
raising tax rebate from 1.6 to 1.9 lakh. By focusing on rural sector alone, the
balanced development and growth cannot be achieved. The Union government has
given relaxation on steel ingot on the one hand and raised duty on Iron scrap,
which reflects the selective favours to some sectors and ignoring the others.

However, Pranav Mukherjee has special favours for cars etc.
whose price will go up due to increase duties etc. so  in the coming years the impact of inflation
will be more on urban middle class, who will have to pay more for the
readymade-garments, LPG and other consumer items of daily use. Exemption to
senior citizens also is not sufficient and is without any impact on the market.
The budget though referred to several bills to be submitted in the Parliament for
enactment but these bills will remain in pipe lines for years to come. The
Union budget presented today gave misleading growth rates which do not match
the ground realities.