Book Review: Shifting Gears To Your Life and Work After Retirement

DecoratedRetirementCakeShifting Gears To Your Life and Work After Retirement   by Carolee Duckworth and Marie Longworthy offers the reader insight about what the authors term “the new retirement versus the old paradigm.” The old paradigm  insists a working life ends about age 65- a time for withdrawing from the world and entering a new life of leisure, but the new retirement suggests individuals can stay active and even develop new careers.


I found the informative combination of narrative, case studies, and  statistics enhanced the pace of the book and made for an enjoyable reading experience. The book also provides opportunities for reflection so readers can undertake their own assessments as they look to the future for the purpose of entering a fresh phase in life armed with self-knowledge and perspective.  I appreciated how the book takes on the character of a hands-on interactive workbook leading readers to define where they stand financially, determine their educational assets, personal life issues, and figure out their retirement trajectory.  This is a book readers will be able to easily make their own and will appeal to a wide range of readers but particularly those facing retirement who seek guidance and sound advice.


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